Each piece of jewellery & accessory that I design tries to capture the rawness of tribal forms and the unpretentious rustic elegance of villagers.

Each of my collections has a story to tell and I attempt to make every piece of jewellery pulsate with the energy of that story  

Sutopa Parrab is a Sydney based architect turned artist. Transition to professional jewellery design has been a relatively recent one for Sutopa. However, design is firmly established within her architectural DNA. Pick any piece in the collection and immediately one’s attention is drawn towards elements such as space, scale and placement. She reinterprets traditional tribal jewellery in contemporary idiom whereby traditional designs and techniques are reconfigured to offer new meaning and expression. Under the brand name tribal-chic, currently three of her collections       have been exhibited in Australia and India and featured at the Lakme Fashion Week (Mumbai, 2011) and the Mercedes Benz Sydney Fashion Week (Sydney, 2012).
Alexandra Muzynska-Luscombe (BAT Hons, Dip Fine Art)
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